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A Recipe For Healthy Aging Includes Exercising Our Brains

A Recipe For Healthy Aging Includes Exercising Our Brains

North Hill was among the first senior living communities in Massachusetts to offer Brain Fitness programs. We selected the Posit Science program because of the evidence-based program development as well as early reports of proven results. Elaine Sullivan - leader of the North Hill brain fitness team - tested it and found it helped with concentration and multi-tasking. Only then did we roll it out to our residents.

Brain health has become a hot topic. Many more active adults now understand that there are many things we can do to keep the brain fit and healthy as we age.

Scientific evidence suggests that the more we do to keep our minds active, the more likely we are to delay the onset of various dementias. Mental exercise is as important as physical exercise. Add in a well balanced diet and social engagement and you have North Hill's recipe for healthy and positive aging.

In the more than two years since we introduced Posit Science, we have had some tremendous success. Residents tell us they feel “more alive,” able to concentrate better and able to “follow conversations better.” And they all say it's fun to work their brains!


Our partner in brain fitness, Posit Science, offers several fun tests on their website to see how your brain performs compared to others. Here are two of our favorites.

A BrainHQ Exercise: Challenge your brain to figure out what information matters - and what doesn't - with a free exercise.

Various Memory Exercises: See how many things you can keep in mind at one time. A measurement of working memory.