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Going Beyond

The innovative senior care model at Vista Terrace is a truly holistic approach to provide seniors with Enhanced Independent Living in a studied and elegant manner. It is the next generation in senior care, a step forward from assisted living.

Growing older and needing some assistance should not require people to lose their autonomy and ability to determine their own schedule and activities.

Studies by the Commonwealth Fund and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation show that residents in innovative senior care models similar to Vista Terrace enjoy higher satisfaction levels, less physical decline and a consistently more positive outlook.

First, the “Small House” model puts services and common spaces close to residents. Members of the household can independently enjoy these amenities without having to worry about getting there.

Next, in assisted living concepts aides are focused on physical needs. Vista Terrace instead offers residential living with supportive services. Care Partners work with household members in a resident-directed partnership.

If your household has an interest in music, a Care Partner might coordinate a live jazz performance in the den. Enjoy learning about new cultures? The residents and Care Partner might arrange for a taste test of traditional dishes, prepared in your own kitchen by North Hill’s famed culinary team.

The “Small House” building design and resident-directed support empower Vista Terrace residents to live lives that are content and dignified. It’s what you choose, it’s what you deserve!

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