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Multi Dimensional Wellness

PurposeFULL Living is the heart of the North Hill spirit. It is both a philosophy and approach to life, designed to enrich the well-being of each person who lives and works at North Hill, Vista Terrace and Pines Edge. PurposeFULL Living is founded in a view that true wellness is derived from meaningful engagement in all dimensions of the human experience.

The stories presented within each wellness dimension here and in the Portrait Project are those of North Hill community members who pursue their passions and continue to thrive. What's your passion?

Environmental Wellness Environmental Celebrating and engaging with our natural world
Physical Wellness Physical Honoring physical well-being through good lifestyle choices
Emotional Wellness Emotional Cultivating self-awareness and inner peace
Spiritual Wellness Spiritual Aligning with inner spirit and sense of purpose
Intellectual Wellness Intellectual Expanding our understanding of the human experience
Social Wellness Social Building and maintaining meaningful relationships
Cultural Wellness Cultural Celebrating the rich diversity of our interconnected world
Occupational Wellness Occupational Contributing valuable expertise and talents