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Friday, April 21, 2017, 11:00A -

Darkness to Light: Beethoven's Fifth to Mahler's Sixth

Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is regarded as one of the greatest ever classical music compositions. But the universally recognized opening is not the cause of such high esteem. Rather, it is the unfailingly moving story it tells of confronting one’s struggles and, after great effort, emerging triumphant.

Mahler’s Sixth Symphony could be said to invert this arc. Composed at the happiest time of his life, Mahler’s story is one of edifying and cathartic tragedy, where the struggle ends in defeat, but somehow still manages to uplift its audience.

Come and explore these masterful works with Russell Ger and discover why they are among the most astonishing pieces ever created.

Russell Ger is an Australian conductor based in New York. His broad repertoire spans orchestral, operatic and choral music, which he has conducted across North America and in his home country. He has toured North America with renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman promoting Jewish art music recorded for Sony in 2012. As an enthusiastic advocate of new music, Ger has collaborated with many contemporary composers to direct the premieres of more than a dozen new works. In 2016, he became the music director of the Greater Newburgh Symphony in New York.

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Darkness to Light: Beethoven's Fifth to Mahler's Sixth