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PurposeFULL Profiles

Sissy Sullivan

Sissy Sullivan: Spiritual Wellness

Sissy Sullivan & Leo "the Schnoodle" Sullivan have long been recognized at nearby Mother Elizabeth Seton residences in Wellesley, where their humor and cheer have provided comfort and support to the residents of the neighboring skilled nursing facility. With the addition of Vista Terrace (Enhanced Living) and Pines Edge (Skilled Nursing) at North Hill, they have less distance to go now to engage with residents who enjoy their attention and affection.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley

David & Bobbie Bradley: Emotional Wellness

When asked the secret of their decades-long marriage, Mrs. Bradley replied, "It's all in the title of our book: 'You're Right, Dear'." In it, they chronicle loving family histories, the importance of education in both of their families, summers spent in Belgrade Lakes, Maine, their experiences during the War, their marriage in 1944 and their eventual return to the Weston area where they have raised four children and have watched their family grow and thrive.

Alice Sherman

Alice Sherman: Environmental Wellness

Alice Sherman's myriad gifts as an Artist are expressed through her passion to make both the inside and outside environments around her more beautiful, more inviting. This Landscape Designer, Master Quilter (that's one of her pieces, above) and Jewelry Designer offers her design talents to North Hill with her service on the Landscaping Committee, Art Committee and other interior design projects.  Her discriminating eye is always on the lookout for a more complimentary choice – perhaps it’s an indigenous planting for the campus “bays” or a new fabric for the Art Gallery décor. Alice's love for creating desirable vistas helps all of us enjoy Environmental Wellness.

Imogene Fish


Imogene Fish: Physical Wellness

Imogene Fish’s love of the outdoors led her to great heights, including a position as a member of the 1952 US Olympic Alpine Ski Team in Norway. Today, you can find Imogene cross country skiing right off her balcony in winter, or walking and hiking those same trails during other seasons. She also enjoys daily indoor sports including swimming, Wii Bowling and ping-pong. North Hill offers Imogene new ways to pursue and share her passion for Physical Wellness.

Roger Perry


Roger Perry: Occupational Wellness

Four days a week, Roger Perry makes the short trip from North Hill to Boston. There he offers his consultancy expertise to a non-profit think tank in the health services sector. Roger is actively committed to sharing the rich experience he gained from a long career in management, planning, and finance, including 20 years as Executive VP for New England Deaconess Hospital. He serves on local boards and chairs the North Hill resident marketing committee. Roger's energetic lifestyle is an example of how continuing to do work that we love keeps us healthy.

Janet Dickason

Janet Dickason: Social Wellness

Resident Janet Dickason says, "My friends are without a doubt the best part of living at North Hill. The people who live here are so friendly and interesting. I was welcomed by one and all. North Hill has been an overwhelmingly joyful experience for me."

Herb and Beth Wells


Herb & Beth Wells: Intellectual Wellness

Herb and Beth Wells moved to North Hill in 2007 and are busier than ever. Beth is a musician; Herb engages in political debates at the Friday Free Flow Forum. One thing they create together is The Hilltop, a quarterly compendium of news, poetry, creative writing and photography submitted by North Hill residents. Current and archived versions of the Hilltop can be found in the North Hill Library. North Hill gives them the energy to pursue their passions and enjoy Intellectual Wellness.

Kim Timberlake

Kim Timberlake: Spiritual Wellness

Kim Timberlake has an inspiring way of connecting deeply to both the people and the natural beauty around her. Team members and residents know her for the gentle way she offers frequent, caring inquiries and thoughtful gestures of concern. No matter the season, Kim can be found on her daily walks through the North Hill campus, giving herself the time to admire and connect with the surrounding natural beauty. Her care of the gardens and generosity in sharing the “fruits” of her labor with everyone at North Hill are symbolic of the Spiritual Wellness Kim enjoys - and shares with others - at North Hill.

Helen Meyrowitz


Helen Meyrowitz: Emotional Wellness

When her husband began suffering the early effects of Alzheimer’s disease, artist Helen Meyrowitz used her lifelong talents as a professional artist to express her emotions. The drawings (such as "Maelstrom," above) are a moving tribute to her beloved Sidney and the healing power of art.  Helen heard a calling deep inside this sense of loss and began to focus her energies on helping others.  She began serving on as a board member for the MA/NH Alzheimer’s Association and created workshops to help caregivers cope with loss through the healing power of art. Helen Meyrowitz’ passion: art as an avenue for deep emotional expression.

Netty Vanderpol

Netty Vanderpol: Cultural Wellness

Netty Vanderpol is a Holocaust survivor from Amsterdam. In 1984, she felt compelled to tell her story and chose to do so through needlepoint – every stitch a journey through memories, every stitch a choice to pursue a path of healing. Netty’s stunning collection has been exhibited at museums in the US and Europe.  Most recently, the exhibit was displayed in the North Hill Art Gallery, bringing students from local colleges to learn history in a new and powerful way. North Hill honors Netty’s passion for art and diversity, and celebrates her courage.

Diana Tichner


Diana Tichner: Occupational Wellness

For most people, paper work is a nuisance. For Diana Tichner, it’s an art form. After moving to North Hill, Diana was inspired  to explore paper cutting, or "papier tolle." She found a teacher in the community (who happens to be in her 90s) and now creates intricate, beautiful art. North Hill gives Diana a place to create beautiful works and to share her passion: paper arts.