North Hill

About Us

A Community with a History of PurposeFULL® Living

North Hill offers three modern living communities – Crescent Heights for independent living, Vista Terrace for enhanced living, and Pines Edge for skilled nursing and long term care – all on a single 59-acre, state-of-the-art campus.  We’ve been here since 1984 as the premier non-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community in the region, always at the vanguard of senior living.   Since the beginning, we’ve upheld the traditions and values of community, wellness and healthy aging that our residents rely on.  Our inspired PurposeFULL living programming reflects the vibrant, youthful attitudes of modern seniors who continue to work, learn and grow as they age.

The North Hill Community

North Hill has always been a community that combines active autonomy with one of the most reliable continuums of care in New England. Our residents maintain the individual lifestyles they are used to with access to support, activities, and amenities that help them live rich, fulfilling lives that are full of new or rediscovered purpose.

Here at North Hill, residents enjoy constant cultural enrichment and intellectual stimulation, 5-star dining, and social interaction – all in a modern, updated, secure environment that promotes healthy aging. They can choose to fill their days with health and wellness, technology, nature, hobbies and interests, and still see all of their medical needs (short-term rehab, long-term care, memory support) fulfilled through our full-service care options and cost-deferring programs.

Modern, caring, and strongly rooted in community – that’s the North Hill way.


In 1984 forward thinking men and women of Needham and Wellesley, Massachusetts, with strong community and spiritual backgrounds, decided to build a community that would care for their needs and those of future generations of seniors.  Led by Jarvis Farley, a corporator of Babson College, these trustworthy men and women dutifully transformed fifty-nine acres of farmland into a non-profit Lifecare retirement community now known as North Hill.

Today, standing the test of time, North Hill continues to be a thriving, independent-living Lifecare community offering the very finest amenities and services to the Greater Boston area.  As the first senior living community in Massachusetts to offer Lifecare contracts to its residents, North Hill became a model for others to emulate in financial strength and stability along with quality, reliable care along the aging continuum.

Our Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to provide high quality, innovative, and personalized services that enrich our residents’ lives with opportunities for personal growth, wellness and fulfillment. We are committed to being an advocate and partner in promoting healthy aging for individuals and families within our surrounding communities.


To be the leading provider of the most progressive personalized services to people as they age.


  • Excellence: All Team Members at North Hill take great pride in our community and are committed to our standard of outstanding service.
  • Customer Satisfaction: All Team Members at North Hill share a common goal of anticipating customer needs, exceeding their expectations and continuously improving our culture of service.
  • Respect: We value the whole person by honoring their dignity, listening to what they say and appreciating the contributions they make to North Hill.

PurposeFULL® Living

PurposeFULL® Living is the approach to life that lies at the heart of North Hill Retirement Community. It is founded in the view that a whole person’s wellness is derived from meaningful engagement in all dimensions of the human experience. It is about choosing to continue on with the independent life you have built for yourself, or reimagining it to become something brand new. It’s about having the ability to find new purpose for yourself in the exciting amenities, activities, and events that you can explore with us.

North Hill facilitates our philosophy of PurposeFULL® Living by fulfilling our promise of a new rich life. Through our cultural events, WellSpring Landing art and fitness center, volunteer opportunities, and everything we offer here, you can rediscover what excites you, brings you joy, uncover talents, skills, and gifts you never knew you had, and elevates your existence to heights you’ve never imagined.

Multi-Dimensional Wellness in PurposeFULL® Living

  • Environmental: Celebrating and engaging with our natural world
  • Physical: Honoring physical well-being through good lifestyle choices
  • Emotional: Cultivating self-awareness and inner peace
  • Spiritual: Aligning with inner spirit and sense of purpose
  • Intellectual: Expanding our understanding of the human experience
  • Social: Building and maintaining meaningful relationships
  • Cultural: Celebrating the rich diversity of our interconnected world
  • Occupational: Contributing valuable expertise and talents

Financial Strength

Knowing the financial strength of a potential retirement community can be an essential factor in your decision. North Hill Retirement Community is completely transparent concerning all of our financial resources and histories, and offers them up freely to all of our potential residents to help make their decision easier.

Board & Senior Management

North Hill’s welcoming spirit and history of success can be credited to the dynamic members of our community – both residents and team members. Our executive team exemplifies our commitment to high standards, a comprehensive delivery of exceptional hospitality and healthcare services, and our dedication to personal and professional growth.

For more information concerning PurposeFULL® living at North Hill Retirement Community, or to schedule your own personalized tour of the grounds, we invite you to contact us at 781-444-9910.