Pet Friendly

Discover a Truly Pet-Friendly Retirement Community

Pets are our best friends, and they stay loyal to us in the best and worst of times.  They’re part of the family. At North Hill Retirement Community, we are 100% pet-friendly. We understand that lifelong connection and we encourage all of our Crescent Heights residents to bring their four-legged friends with them when they move in. Together, you can enjoy all there is to do here, share your joy, and explore your modern spacious surroundings as you take full advantage of your new PurposeFULL life.

The Healing Power of Pet Companionship

Here at North Hill, we have found that having your pet close to you is great for alleviating any anxiety you may be feeling. Moving into a new home in a new place can be a big change and sometimes overwhelming. But many of our residents find that their pets can ease their time of transition, give them the confidence they need to carry on, and help them to maintain the inclusive lifestyle they have always enjoyed.


Residences walking dogs*Disclaimer: Pets are welcome at North Hill based on an evaluation by a North Hill staff member. Size and number of pets determined on an individual basis. North Hill sets a 2-animal limit (cats & dogs) for each resident.

For more information concerning North Hill Retirement Community, or to schedule your own personalized tour of the grounds, we invite you to contact us at 781-444-9910.