The Lifecare Advantage

Financial & Tax Advantages

The Financial Security & Predictability You Want

The Lifecare Advantage Program limits your exposure to the financial risks associated with transitional, health-related support services and long-term care. While long-term care insurance policies may provide some coverage, many only cover a fraction of the daily costs. Most also have lifetime limits. By choosing a Lifecare Contract through North Hill, you limit those risks and ensure your assets will not become vulnerable to rising health care costs.

Facilitating PurposeFULL Living

These financial benefits, and others, are all part of the North Hill’s commitment to provide substantial financial and human resources to all of our residents enrolled in the plan. We wish to fulfill our philosophy of PurposeFULL Living at a significantly higher level than our competitors, and we’re always creating new ways to ensure financial stability and improved security for you and your personal assets.

For more information concerning financial predictability benefit through Lifecare and North Hill Retirement Community, or to schedule your own personalized tour of our campus, we invite you to contact us at 781-444-9910.