TO BE RESCHEDULED Author’s Talk: American Snapshot with Author/Photographer Glenn Kubalko

Author’s Talk: American Snapshot with Author/Photographer Glenn Kubalko   Wednesday, October 12th at 4PM

Boston area photographer Glenn Kulbako presents photographs from his new book, “American Snapshot,” a discussion of spontaneous photography and the wabi-sabi of imperfection that sometimes accompany them.

From everyday snapshots to professional editorial images, there is beauty and truth in the raw data of the sometimes coarse nature of documentary photography. In a modern era of false news, editorial photography is one of the tools we depend on for understanding the nature of what is fact – but even then, we must insist on the genuine article.  Glenn photographs for North Hill and has provided many of the images on this website.

“American Snapshot,” with a foreword by Boris Fridman, renowned international art collector.

Boston photographer Glenn Kulbako studied visual arts at Boston University and McGill University. He has been a public relations, event, editorial, and product photographer for over 20 years. His clients and publishers include Apple, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CNN, DaimlerChrysler, Fidelity Investments, Forbes, Harvard University, the John F. Kennedy Library, Microsoft, New York Times Publishing, Oxford University Press, Time/Newsweek and Warner Bros.

Glenn recently won an Ozzie Mention for Best Use of Photography, Oil and Gas Investor Magazine/August 2013 Issue, and the Small Business of the Year Award for Somerville, MA. He has been represented by numerous stock agencies, including Getty Images.