PAST EVENT —– Black Heroes of the American Revolution

Black Heroes of the American Revolution with Lecturer and Presenter Johnny Kinsman  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 11 AM

While 18th Century American land owners, merchants and businessmen began to grumble about perceived economic and sovereign oppression by the British empire, many men and women struggling on the American continent had arrived there as captives from their native Africa, or had been born into a brutal cycle of chattel slavery. As various political rows turned to tangible
bloodshed in the midst of the revolution, many black men and women— still a century away from being recognized as citizens— threw themselves into the fray on both sides of the global conflict. Some took up arms because they were promised emancipation from bondage, others fought simply to defend the land they’d come to know as home. With thundering cannons and
whispering quills, the resplendence of soldiers and the secrecy of spies, these brave black men and women cast themselves as central characters in the battle for American freedom. Join orator Johnny Kinsman in this 60 minute discussion that highlights some of the individuals who risked their all to make their dream of a free America come true.

Johnny Kinsman honed his craft as an actor at Syracuse University where he earned a B.F.A. and received the prestigious Edward G. Greer Award for Excellence in Classical Acting. Kinsman has co-produced feature films with Chatham Light Productions and multimedia theater in New York with Ring of Fire Productions. In Los Angeles he worked as screenwriter, as well as behind the scenes on feature films and TV episodics including Bobby, There Will Be Blood, NCIS, and HBO’s hit series Entourage. He is currently associate artistic producer at AnthemTheater in Boston.