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Lifelong Learning is an everyday occurrence at North Hill. Residents enjoy a regular menu of distinguished speakers, presenters and performers who provoke thought and pique intellectual curiosity. Recent presenters include former Massachusetts Governor Michael S. Dukakis; Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker; and Sports Writer and host of WBUR’s broadcast It’s Only a Game, Bill Littlefield. Other luminaries include nationally renowned classical pianist Fred Moyer; Rabbi Rifat Sonsino, Ph.D, whose course on the Dead Sea Scrolls is widely attended; and concert Pianist Robyn Carmichael whose recital and presentation, Romantic Masters and their Muses prompted a standing ovation. Our art gallery is alive with color and form, boasting exhibitions by accomplished artists, including Nancy Schön of Make Way for Ducklings Fame.

Whether it’s art, music, history, literature or current events, our residents love to listen, learn, discuss and enjoy. They embody North Hill’s philosophy of PurposeFULL Living every single day.

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