Continuing Care Retirement Community Residents Live Longer Happier Lives

Would you like to live longer? Stay fit as you age? Have lots of friends and feel happy most of the time? Of course you would. And while there’s no magic formula to guarantee that all those things can happen, you can increase your odds by living in a continued care retirement community (CCRC). It’s true; research has proven that the vibrant social life, access to regular exercise and lifelong learning that CCRCs provide help people live longer, healthier and happier lives. You can even stave off risks for cognitive decline just by spending time with people who’s company you enjoy. A robust social life can lower blood pressure and counter negative mood swings. And in case you haven’t heard, the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth is regular exercise! North Hill in Needham offers people 65+ luxurious options for an active, vibrant lifestyle and a path to healthy aging. Our recent multi-million-dollar expansion and renovation offers modern spacious designs for elegant living with none of the hassle. We have four dining venues to keep your taste buds busy, and a state-of-art-fitness center and pool to keep you healthy and fit. Fitness room at North Hill

Just how fit can you be? Consider Roger Perry, nonagenarian resident at North Hill who works out 5 days a week doing elliptical, cardio and weight training. No wonder he still drives to Boston 3 days a week to run his business – and he takes the stairs 2 at a time. Resident Inga Brandon who lost mobility after a fall and spent 3 weeks in rehab. With help from fitness center experts, she was able to recover full mobility and is now back to fitness classes, strength training and cardio training. “I couldn’t have done it if I wasn’t here,” she says. “The equipment was right here and the people who helped me never gave up.” Staying healthy while aging means keeping your mind in shape, too. North Hill’s wood paneled library houses shelves of books and periodicals from tried and true classics to this week’s best sellers. You can check one out and curl up by a cozy fire. Lectures and presentations from distinguished leaders in the fields of history, art, culture, politics and music are a regular occurrence on the North Hill campus. And for your aesthetic sensibilities, there’s a bona fide art gallery with curated, changing exhibitions of fine art. This spring, new sculptures by Nancy Shon, whose Make Way for Ducking statues on the Public Garden have been delighting kids of all ages for decades, will be on display in The Art Gallery at North Hill. Beautiful white kitchen at North Hill

But I don’t need all that space, you say? North Hill can help you simplify your life when you move into a one-bedroom apartment on our campus. Choose from one of our brand-new, never before occupied apartments or one that’s been fully refurbished and re-styled to create your personal pied-a-terre, cozy abode or private sanctuary. Tool around in our woodworking shop, or pick up a game of billiards with one of your many neighbors. And because it’s the new year, we’ll make it easy with incentive packages for people interested in our one bedrooms. Come for a visit, we’ll show you how big your life can be. Wouldn’t you like to know more? Then give us a call: take a tour, stay for lunch and talk with some of our residents. We’re here to answer all your questions and introduce you to a wonderfully PurposeFULL™ life! If you would like to speak with the North Hill team, you can call us at 781-433-6524 or email us at