Tuesday, April 18, 2023 at 2 PM

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James Carroll is the author of twelve novels and nine works of non-fiction. For twenty-three years he published a weekly op-ed column in The Boston Globe. The son of an Air Force general, he has focused on the subject of war and peace, beginning in 1972 when he was honored with the first Thomas Merton Award. His novels take up World War II (Family Trade, Warburg in Rome, The Cloister), Vietnam (Fault Lines, Prince of Peace, Memorial Bridge), and the Cold War (Secret Father and Firebird). His two novels about the Irish conflicts, Supply of Heroes and Mortal Friends have reappeared in 2022 editions by Blackstone Publishing.

On this visit to North Hill, Mr. Carroll will talk about the roots of anti-semitism and its persistent malignancy in worldwide cultures.  He will draw from his 2002 book Constantine’s Sword The Church and the Jews to share ideas and insights about the pernicious attitudes toward Judaism that have prevailed since ancient times, and continue to  incite prejudice and violence against Jews to the present day.

From Amazon:

“More than a chronicle of religion, this dark history is the central tragedy of Western civilization. The Church’s failure to protest the Holocaust—the infamous “silence” of Pius XII—is only part of the story: the death camps, Carroll shows, are the culmination of a long, entrenched tradition of anti-Judaism. From Gospel accounts of the death of Jesus on the cross, to Constantine’s transformation of the cross into a sword, to the rise of blood libels, scapegoating, and modern anti-Semitism, Carroll reconstructs the dramatic story of the Church’s conflict not only with Jews but with itself. Constantine’s Sword is a brave and affecting reckoning with difficult truths that will touch every reader.”


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