Meet Chris Morrison

From fish to fitness: an unlikely route to Christine Morrison’s position as Fitness Manager, but that’s what happened.  Raised on Cape Cod, Chris worked in a fish market from the ages of 14 to 21.  She loaded fish, cleaned fish, wrapped fish, worked the register, and did everything else required to get fish from the sea to the sandwich.  Was it hard work? You bet. Did she love itShe loved it because she was in constant motion, giving her that high-energy, feel-good boost that only a body in motion can know.

Now she helps North Hill Residents get that feel-good boost with classes and programs that encourage healthy living. How did she get from that fish market to North Hill?  It was a twisty route.  First, college to study psychology and business; then work in retail management, later in private banking.  All the while she was a “fitness enthusiast” having grown up with a mom who brought her along as a child to Gloria Stevens exercise classes and became a fitness instructor herself.

Still, it was only when her 90-year-old grandmother decided to get into the groove that Chris discovered her true purpose.  She became her grandmother’s coach and exercise buddy, watching in wonder as that inspired nonagenarian reinvented herself, restoring vitality, mobility and a renewed joie de vivre through exercise.

Chris was gratified by her grandmother’s success, thus found her calling to coach seniors. She’s still in constant motion, inspiring North Hill Residents with energy, passion, and a deep and caring commitment. North Hill is some distance from a Cape Cod fish market. How lucky we are that she found her way here.