Meet Delia

Daughter. Sister. Mother. Wife and Constant Nurturer.  Delia St. Johns is all of these, and more. She wouldn’t have it any other way.  She was the 4th of 15 children who drank from the wellspring of their mother’s infinite love.  From that inexhaustible supply, she and her siblings drew the strength and inspiration to care for each other as the family grew on their farm in Jamaica.  As new siblings came along, older ones assumed their care.  Everyone in the family helped grow their father’s vegetables, or pitched in when their mother took in washing to make ends meet.  Through their work and shared values, they formed the enduring bonds that keep them close today.

Delia’s story matches many who immigrate to the States. It’s a story of hard work, tangled bureaucracies, discrimination and worry. But, as she did on that farm in Jamaica, Delia has prevailed.  Her mother’s emphasis on education drove her to obtain a teaching degree in Jamaica, and later to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in the USA.  She’s used this learning and her personal fortitude to advance herself and her family in Massachusetts, working two jobs with equal commitment.

Delia’s nurturing disposition and keen intellect make her ideal for her role as Café  Manager at North Hill.  Residents arrive early in the morning to find their favorite breakfast waiting for them, because Delia knows just how they like things.  They rely on her not only to remember their orders, but as someone who listens thoughtfully, helps solve problems and offers sincere, empathic companionship to them daily.  Her colleagues rely on her too, for her unique brand of friendship and sage understanding of the world.  Delia’s mom passed along that infinite capacity to give love.  Aren’t we all the luckier for it.