Meet Mark Merriott

Pastry Chef Mark Merriott didn’t choose baking as a career.  It chose him.  After studying culinary arts at Massasoit College, he started working in the kitchen of a high-end Italian restaurant.  Soon a position in the bakery department opened, so, being an early riser with 3 small children, it suited his lifestyle just fine.  His path at North Hill took the same arc.  He came as a cook but before long found himself in the bakery, whipping up scones, cakes, cookies, fragrant breads and all manner of intoxicating goods.  For more than 20 years now, he’s been a master of the art of baking, tempting the palates of North Hill residents daily with reliable favorites and innovative fancies.

Mark teaches himself new things by reading, watching tutorials and experimenting; always seeking perfection, never satisfied that he’s achieved it.  He strives: to serve the Residents in a fitting manner, to make the people around him happy, and to live a good and meaningful life.  Most observers would say that he’s far surpassed his goals, but he always reaches higher.

His competence as an artisan is matched by his faith which he practices daily. It has taught him that nourishment of the spirit is as important as nourishment of the body.  To sustain the former, he expresses gratitude for the small things in life that bring joy, and for the abundant happiness that comes with being a loving father and husband to an “amazing” wife.

Speaking of gratitude, Residents and Team Members alike are ever grateful to have Mark as a cherished member of the Team.