Meet Wally Tucker

Butcher? Baker? Candlestick Maker? No, Wally Tucker hasn’t been any of those, but his versatility is a real asset. He left his musical career more than 40 years ago to begin work as a janitor before the North Hill campus even opened. In just two years, he moved to housekeeping, maintenance, substitute driver and finally, (at the-then-CEO’s insistence), Transportation Manager. Since then, he’s been the go-to guy for North Hill Residents, driving them here, there and everywhere.
Wally cites the good manners instilled in him by his parents during his Texas upbringing as an invaluable quality when working with Residents. His former role as a Congregational Deacon has taught him how to listen well, but it’s his penchant for giving hugs that makes him happy at his job. Why? Because those hugs keep coming back.
As a very young man, Wally viewed the Residents as surrogate parents, and loved all he was learning from them. Now a little older, he’s still learning, and is full of gratitude for stories Residents share of museums, art, and exotic places. Will he ever retire? Not a chance, he’d miss those hugs too much!