PAST EVENT Political Light Years with Former U.S. Congressman Michael E. Capuano

PAST EVENT Political Lightyears
with Former U.S. Congressman, Michael Capuano
Wednesday, MAY 11 | 4:00 PM

Information comes to us at the speed of light these days. Our 24-hour news cycle along with the Twitterverse and other social media make it almost impossible to separate the real from the imagined and form a coherent opinion. Such voluminous input of data crammed into a 24-hour day can skew our sense of time. This morning seems like a month ago and a month ago seems light-years past.To muddle things further, we’ve learned in the past decade or so that there’s no percentage in predicting what will happen tomorrow, next week or even next year. A burning tundra, space travel for tourists, and a once-in-a-century pandemic all have us shaking our heads not daring to imagine what comes next. And, as for politics – all bets are off. Washington is as mercurial as the weather, as capricious as a young man’s fancy.

Former U.S. Congressman, Michael Capuano knows the vicissitudes of Washington better than most. He weathered them well from 1999-2019 when he served as Representative for the 7th Massachusetts Congressional District. Join us to hear his views on the ever-changing landscape of America’s politics, important topics of the day and, if we’re lucky, a bold foray into predicting what might happen tomorrow.

Michael Capuano was born and raised in Somerville, MA. He served as Alderman and Mayor of Somerville, and won his Congressional seat in 1999. He was the senior Massachusetts member on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Financial Services Committee.

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