North Hill Residents Stay Busy!

North Hill Resident Committees

Art Committee

Can’t live without art? Then the art committee is for you. You can provide input on the purchase, place and maintenance of an inventory of art for the corridors and wings of the buildings.  There’s a budget to manage, too.

Civic Affairs Committee

If you’ve always been engaged in civic affairs then step right up.  Members of this group keep North Hill residents informed about local, regional and national elections, issues, candidates, voter registration and absentee ballots.  They also help coordinate ballots and transportation to the polls.

Dining Committee

Calling all foodies! This committee meets with key members of the Dining Services Department to offer observations and suggestions on menus, meal preparation and food service on campus. Squisito!

Finance Committee

You’ve always had a head for numbers, so check in with the Finance Committee. Here you’ll review the financial and investment performance provided by the Finance Department.  The annual budget, all revenues and expenses from all departments, as well as capital expenditures and special authorizations are reviewed the by his committee.  You’ll be able to provide perspective to management and trustees who will attend meetings and respond to inquiries.

Fitness Committee

If you stay fit to stay active, bring your good habits to the fitness committee.  Boost your North Hill neighbors’ interest in participating in fitness classes, use of equipment and educational programs—all available at the Wellness Center.  You’ll advocate for residents with questions about programming, and assist the fitness staff in providing an increasingly diverse array of services to all residents.  You’ve always known that to rest is to rust!

Grounds Committee

Keep your green thumb in shape on the grounds committee, ensuring North Hill’s landscaping is beautiful all year long. You’ll confer with our grounds director to help choose plantings and landscape ideas for every season.

Library Committee

Books, books, books! Who can get enough of them?  At North Hill, the library committee will keep your nose between the pages for as long as you like.  The Book Selection sub-committee chooses several new books each month to keep the inventory current.

The Book Organization sub-committee culls books no longer popular.  The Media Processor and staff use a complicated computerized program to enter, remove and monitor all books, audio books and DVDs.  DVDs, Audio Books, magazines, paperbacks and newspapers are available, current and supervised by this committee for the reading pleasure of every resident.

Hospitality Committee

Make everyone feel welcome as a member of this committee.  This group encourages social interaction among residents so that everyone becomes an important and integral member of the community.  Serve as hosts at social events, new resident dinners, the weekly community table, happy hour and the team member appreciation party!

This committee is for people who love to socialize and interact with others, have a flexible nature and bring a sense of humor to everything they do.  Is that you?

The Hilltop Newsletter Committee

North Hill’s quarterly resident newsletter The Hilltop, edited by resident Ronna Perlmutter, is written and published by residents with occasional contributions from their children and grandchildren. Fiction, non fiction, poetry and opinion pieces grace its pages along with photo essays, photos of new residents and photos of North Hill events.   Join this committee and tell your stories!

Health Care Committtee

Good Health is the key to happiness so keep yourself and your North Hill neighbors happy on the Health Care Committee.  You’ll work with management to pay special attention to Home Health Services and Pines Edge, our skilled nursing facility.

As representatives of long-term Pines Edge residents you’ll serve in their interests, and by invitation, you’ll attend Pines Edge Family Council meetings.  All Healthcare Committee members volunteer at Pines Edge, visiting residents, delivering mail, and spending time with residents.  This committee also suggests topics for Independent Living resident programming.  Members of this committee must be actively engaged with Pines Edge and be knowledgeable about health care.  To your health!

House Committee

If “cleanliness is next to godliness,” then this committee goes straight to heaven.  The Resident House Committee works with North Hill’s housekeeping manager and director of facilities to inspect and monitor the cleanliness and maintenance of the interior and exterior of Crescent Heights, and the interior of Vista Terrace.  Hallways, stairways, vestibules and other common areas sparkle thanks to this committee and their “white glove” standards.

Marketing Committee

North Hill has a story to tell.  It’s the story of being the premier provider of housing and care for seniors in the Greater Boston Area for 37 years.  It’s the story about a community of forward thinkers who share values of excellence, healthy living, lifelong learning and mutual support.  Who better to tell it than the residents themselves?  North Hill’s Marketing Committee members bring creativity and ideas to North Hill’s story, and serve as invaluable advisors to the Marketing Department.

Program Committee

Unleash your inner impresario on the Program Committee.  This group brings creative ideas and  connections for speakers, performers and trips to the PurposeFULL Living team.  Members can create programs, and help manage presentations that are added to the monthly calendar.  They’re a social bunch, greeting presenters and making introductions.  They provide insightful feedback to the PurposeFULL Living team, always offering new ideas for lectures, presentations, performances and movies.  So, if you’ve always wanted to put on a show, take center stage on this committee.

Technology Committee

Were you one of the first people ever to own an ipad?  Do you love streaming on your smart TV?  Are you preparing to launch a spaceship from your android phone?  Then come to this committee.  This group of tech-savvy pros coordinates with North Hill team members to explore, advocate for, and implement information technologies to serve the needs of North Hill residents.  So take a break from your TikTok posts and bring that cyber-brain of yours over to North Hill to join this group.

Understanding Our World

Our world is as ancient as time and as modern as tomorrow, full of stories, mysteries and answers waiting to be found.  This committee seeks to understand the world and its complexity with lectures that explore in greater depth the important aspects of our world, and present a range of perspectives on current events and issues facing society.  Explore the world with your fellow seekers on this committee.

The Action Groups (TAGs)

“Educate. Inform. Act.”  These are the by-words of North Hill’s Action Groups. The groups were formed out of the resolve of some North Hill residents to meet the challenge of what they saw as the need for citizens’ action on a range of social issues.  Residents on these committees take action to effect the change they want to see in the world on a variety of current issues: nuclear threat; a sustainable environment; immigration policy; health care, diversity; gun control; peace and more.  Non-partisan in their approach, members of The Action Groups have spread their work in North Hill into the communities of Needham and Wellesley by collaborating efforts and joining with action groups who advocate for changes needed on these issues.  You’ve always wanted to slay a dragon.  Here’s your chance – join The Action Groups at North Hill!