Sixty Blades of Grass

Sixty Blades of Grass by Elizabeth Millane

Monday, April 15 at 11 AM


Monday, April 29 at 11 AM

During the Second World War, Rika, a seventeen-year-old Dutch Resistance fighter, paints in fields overlooking the busy rail yards. Hidden in her artwork is information crucial to the Dutch Underground about the concentration camps and Jewish prisoner transports.

But Rika’s covert activities aren’t the only thing on her mind. In these uncertain times, even trusting family is risky. She suspects her father of collaborating with the Germans and is determined to uncover the truth.

Across town, her German-born father is also living a double life. But his desire to keep his daughter safe proves inadequate when he invites a German colonel into his home with terrible consequences . . .

With no one to rely on or turn to, Rika knows her greatest challenge has only just begun as she must fight for her own survival .


Join Needham resident Betsy Millane who was inspired by her own family’s history to write this riveting, heartrending novel of danger and betrayal and what it takes to lay down one’s life for another in the most harrowing of circumstances.


About Elizabeth Millane

Elizabeth Millane grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan where her love for books and stories developed. She was educated at Boston College, earning a BA in English literature, and at the University of Lancaster, Lancaster, England, where she completed a Junior Year Abroad program. It was during that year that she traveled extensively on the continent, visiting her Dutch relatives several times and learning their tales of heroism and sacrifice which formed the basis for Sixty Blades of Grass.