North Hill Reads – The Daughters of Yalta

You can tell by the book covers illustrated on the right that North Hill residents have traveled the world through books.  They’ve been to Burma (now Myanmar), India, and revisited the devastating Dark Tide that flooded the streets of Boston with hot molasses.  They shared in the drama of an American president’s assassination and the turbulent time that followed.  Soon after that, historian David McCullough’s book The Wright Brothers let them experience the thrill of discovery and the beginning of flight.  Just this year, they traveled back to the Conference at Yalta in WWII with Catherine Grace Katz’ book, The Daughters of Yalta. 

Their total immersion in the story included a Russian themed dinner, movies, movies, movies about WWII, talks by historians, special exhibits and even a talk by the author herself.  But the jewel in the crown of their historical adventure was “The Three Bells of Yalta,” an original song composed and performed by the North Hill Hilltones.  Inspired by Matathew Bartholomew’s “Eight Belles” (1922).  Click below.  You’ll not only enjoy the Hilltones performance, but you can read the author’s post about it on her web site


Just imagine the places you’d go with these avid bibliophiles if you lived here at North Hill!