Wishes for the World

From Jessie Rodrique Program Director at North Hill, October, 2023

Today we take our wishes for the world and plant them at the root of a brand new tree. As this magnolia grows and spreads its branches, so will our wishes grow.
But wishes are only that: ideas imagined, that evanescent “thing with feathers that perches in the soul.” And this planting is only a symbol of all that we hope might be.
But symbols have meaning. And power. They evoke memories and arouse emotions. Symbols inspire new thoughts, and they can summon us to action.
This tree, this symbol, these wishes represent our collective purpose: to do something good for the world. Our red wishes – the color of passion, our yellow tree, the color of optimism will become the symbol that inspires us to live with intention. Branches will grow, flowers will flower, and we will be reminded to do what we can, where we are to make our wishes manifest in the world.